GPS For Hiking

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Embark on Uncharted Adventures with Our GPS Device for Hiking

Prepare yourself for the ultimate adventure with our GPS Device for Hiking, your dependable companion in the most remote locations, where cell towers can't reach. This compact and robust device is engineered to keep you connected and safe during your hiking expeditions.

GPS For Hiking

Key Features:

What's IncludeDesigned for Thrill-Seekers: Our GPS device is your lifeline in the great outdoors. It not only ensures you stay in touch with loved ones, assuring them of your safety, but it also features an SOS button that instantly dispatches your GPS coordinates to emergency responders when you need assistance.

No Cell Signal, No Problem: Even in areas devoid of cell service, our GPS device keeps you connected. It continuously transmits location updates while you're on the move and when you pause. Consider placing one in your child's backpack for added security during their walk home.

Powered by Globalstar Satellite Technology: Rely on the cutting-edge technology of Globalstar's satellites and GPS to accurately pinpoint your location. Whether you're navigating remote forests or conquering rugged peaks, you can share your precise GPS coordinates with friends, family, or emergency rescue teams.

What's Included:

GPS Device

Convenient Strap and Carabiner for effortless attachment

USB Cable for quick and easy charging

Batteries to keep you powered up

Quick Start Guide to get you on your way

GPS For Hiking

Get Started, Stay Safe, and Explore:

Initiating your adventure is a breeze. Simply purchase our GPS Device for Hiking, activate it by selecting your preferred service plan, and embark on your journey with peace of mind. We offer two service plans to cater to your specific needs.

Don't let the absence of cell service limit your exploration. Stay connected and secure with the GPS Device for Hiking. Get yours now and fearlessly explore the untamed beauty of the world.