HDTV 4K Magnetic Digital Antenna
HDTV 4K Magnetic Digital Antenna
HDTV 4K Magnetic Digital Antenna
HDTV 4K Magnetic Digital Antenna
HDTV 4K Magnetic Digital Antenna

HDTV 4K Magnetic Digital Antenna

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Frustrated with high cable rates for only a few channels? Tired of poor reception and weather disruptions on game day? Look no further! For cost-effective, weather-resistant HD entertainment, use our HDTV 4K magnetic digital antenna.

Our HD magnetic digital antenna picks up and transforms over-the-air digital TV signals, allowing you to view free HDTV channels without a cable subscription. Cool, right?
HDTV 4K Magnetic Digital Antenna
But wait! There's more! Our HDTV 4K magnetic digital antenna is compatible with all of the main standards, including ATSC and DVB-T, and delivers 4K quality to your screen from up to 300 miles away. Furthermore, its 25dBi boost ensures exceptionally clear images no matter where you are.
HDTV 4K Magnetic Digital Antenna
Worried about the installation? Check. It includes a 5-meter coaxial cable for easy installation wherever you choose. And, hey, it's a terrific energy saver, costing only 20mA at 5V, and it's also durable. Let us enhance your viewing experience with our HD magnetic digital antenna.

WIDE DIGITAL BROADCAST COMPATIBILITY: Supports ATSC, DVB-T, DVB-T2, and ISDB, catering to a variety of global TV standards for flexible application.
ULTRA HIGH-DEFINITION VIEWING: Supports 720P, 1080i, 1080P/ATSC, and 4K material, providing a premium high-definition experience.
EXTENDED 300 MILE SIGNAL RANGE: A wide signal range of up to 300 miles gives access to a greater variety of TV channels.
25DBI HIGH GAIN & WIDE FREQUENCY: Increases signal by 25dBi over VHF (172-240MHz)/UHF (470-860MHz), enhancing channel clarity and stability.
LOW POWER AND EFFICIENT OPERATION: Consumes only 20mA at 5V, providing energy-efficient performance in temperatures ranging from -45℃ to 85℃.
FLEXIBLE INSTALLATION WITH 5-METER cord: Includes a long coaxial cord for simple placement and optimal signal reception in any environment.
DURABLE METAL CONSTRUCTION: Made of metal with a sleek black finish, this product is built to last and is visually appealing.


Color: Black
Material: Metal
Type: DVB-T2 Antenna
Working Frequency: VHF(172-240Mhz)/ UHF(470-860Mhz)
Impedance: 75Ω
LNA High Gain: 25dBi
Signal Range: 300 miles
Receiving Signal: ATSC, DVB-T, DVB-T2, ISDB
Compatibility: 720P, 1080i, 1080P/ ATSC, 4k
Cable Length: approx. 5 meters/ 16.4ft
Connector: F male (Coaxial)
Voltage: 5V
Power Consumption: 20mA
Working Temperature: -45-85℃

1 x HDTV 4K Magnetic Digital Antenna